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   My name is Christi. I am the photographer behind the lens. Thank you for your interest in a photo session! I would like to take a moment to share a little bit about myself and how I got into this whole photo taking business. 

   I have always been a creative chameleon with a passion for all things Art. Even as a child, I loved drawing, writing poetry, playing guitar and singing. I signed up for basically every art class my high school had to offer and loved every single one. When I was introduced to Photoshop in school, it opened a whole new world for me. Photo editing instantly became more than a hobby. I fell in love with it.

  After high school, I dabbled in modeling because I loved the potential of what a photograph could become and wanted to be a part of it. I soon realized that what I loved about the image was creating it, not actually being in it. I was on the wrong side of the lens.

  I really dove into photography after having my first child. It was always something I enjoyed, but it was more 'just for me' until then. I was so very proud of my adorable baby boy that I wanted everyone to see him the way I did. I captured every moment I could and soon realized how passionate I am about photography. I developed my own style and realized how much I love capturing those moments and all the little things that make babies so amazing and unique.

   Kids grow up so fast, we all grow so fast, and everything changes in the blink of an eye. I lost my Mother unexpectedly in August of 2013. That's when it all became so clear. Those pictures I had taken over the years of her and the kids, of her with all of us... they are so precious and mean the world to us now.

   Moments go by and things change faster than you realize. That's why I decided to go after my dream. I would love to capture those moments for you and your family.

I look forward to seeing you through my lens!

<3 Christi Rae

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